Getting traffic – thank you to my readers!

I have just started blogging and perhaps like many others, am troubled by how I can get more traffic to my site. I sought for some support on how to get more traffic to my blog and a few lovely people gave me great advice so I thought I’d add the links here so that you can also benefit from the kindness of those who helped me:

Yesterday, I miraculously had 8 viewers visit my site – “Horray!! How exciting!!” I thought to myself yesterday, but somehow, today, I had 9 viewers visit my site. Thats a record for me (haha) as the previous viewers of my site was just myself accessing my own site (so sad, I know!).  So having viewers now has got me really pumped to write some more.  Whoever would have thought that just 8 viewers can make someone’s day and get them motivated, it has surely made me smile!

Whoever you are, I am happy you came to read my blogs and hopefully, I will not disappoint! I am working on a new post so please come and visit again in the next few days, and hopefully someone will please make a comment – which will just make it all so much more worthwhile because I will then know who you are, and I’d like to come and read your blogs too.

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5 Responses to Getting traffic – thank you to my readers!

  1. All the best in your blogging journey!

  2. Don’t worry, we all started with few or no readers. While I’ve been extremely lucky with my blog growth over the last month, I still get excited when I get a new subscriber or my page views go up. Post as often as you can and, if you stick with it, your readership will grow.

    • ACW says:

      Thanks! I read your blogs and noticed you have lots of comments! I think your blogs are funny – good sense of humour 🙂 keep it up!

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a great idea to make a post about how to get more traffic to your blog. I think that’s what every blogger is concerned with at the beginning, especially if they don’t want to promote their blogs on social networking websites. I think patience and the will to keep blogging are the keys to a rise of visitors, however the sites you indicated in your post are very useful references. Thank you and keep it up:)

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