Today, I went to the doctors to get a blood test. I have given blood and have had blood tests done many times before so I knew what to expect. I have also been admitted to hospital and had the drip a few times too. Based on my experience, I have come up with a theory that good nurses can draw blood without inflicting pain on their patients.

I’m not a doctor or nurse and I don’t have a medical background, but I have found that nurses who are highly experienced can stick a needle in my arm and I can’t feel much at all! On the contrary, newly qualified nurses have caused so much pain.

Once I was in hospital and an intern came to put me on the drip. She couldn’t find my veins and had to jab the needle into my arm a few times – still to no avail!! Finally, she tried the other arm, and that didn’t work, so she moved onto the back of my hands. It hurt so much and afterwards, I noticed that I had a huge bruise on both arms and on the back of my hands.

My wild guess is that she must have ruptured my veins and caused blood to burst under my skin. I recognize that it has a lot to do with how much water I drink and whether my veins are visible, but for an intern to be jabbing me over 15 times all over the place is quite traumatic.

Next time, I will make sure I ask for a more experienced nurse to give me a blood test or any kind of treatment that requires finding my veins! They are perfectly visible to me!

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