Why is praying regularly so important?

I have heard many people say that prayer is important. I have read this a lot too. I pray sometimes and I’m trying to pray more regularly.  It isn’t until today that it has occurred to me why regular prayer is so important.

Prayer is a way of communicating with God.  It is when you speak to God, whether that be out loud or inside your head.  When you pray you establish a direct connection with God.  When you pray regularly, you regularly have a direct connection with God.  So imagine one prayer as a dot on a piece of paper. The more frequent you pray, the closer the dots become and the more connection you will have with God.

The more connection you have with God, the better because He will be regularly in the forefront of your mind.  That means, you will have a closer relationship with God and you will feel that He is constantly there with you in all that you do.  If you are practising regular prayer, it helps to try to remember God in every little thing you do – like when you wash the dishes or when you are walking to the bus stop.  In these moments when you have even a second to think about God, you can say a little prayer.

I recently saw the latest Harry Potter movie at the cinemas – I feel that a single prayer can be likened to one of those short quick magical spells that Harry does, and then BAM the spell has a big result. But then at the end of the movie when he fights Voldemort, he casts some powerful long spells against Voldemort while he mouths off the spell continuously – I liken that to regular prayer because it forms the dot of prayers together into a long strong connection with God.

I am certainly not following all of the above to the tee, meaning that I don’t always remember God in every thing that I do every day.  But the important thing is that I am trying. I hope that one day I can achieve this subconsciously, you know, so it comes naturally, as I am now always trying so consciously to keep God in my thoughts and prayers.

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One Response to Why is praying regularly so important?

  1. Kashif Ansari says:

    the power of prayer is so great that wishes don’t even come close to it. rather than wishing for something on your birthday it would be a better idea to just say a prayer. the connection with the divine increases infinitely with prayer. and some people have a special connection (and they are one in a million). the sign they see when they pray is a luminosity at the end. the light that spreads around them gives extreme peace of mind and takes them back to the first three years of their lives when heaven lay about them in all its glorious splendor.

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