Life is worth living…….have courage

Life is worth living even when:

  • you feel under the weather
  • pain comes your way and it seems unbearable
  • you can’t see the end of the road
  • you have lost the person you love most in the world
  • you are in financial trouble and don’t know how to get out of it
  • life feels unworthy or hopeless
  • you fear something that you cannot overcome


Because you don’t know what’s in store for you around the corner!

However unlikely you may think something is, there is always hope and that comes hand in hand with possibilities. You may meet someone special tomorrow. You may win the lotto tomorrow. A new drug may be available tomorrow. You will find your dream job tomorrow.

All you need is courage to walk the next step. Commit yourself to try. Tell yourself you can do it.  Know that avoidance is not a cure. Encourage yourself to seek help. 

Let me share with you a well know poem that I always find encouraging:
I need courage to walk the road of life
While fear, clouds my head with doubt,
As I make my way to leave my mark,
Before my time on earth runs out.

For an old man once told me,
If success you want to find,
The clouds of doubt that bar your way,
Are illusions of your mind.

Your failures are your stepping stones,
That pave your way ahead,
It takes courage to walk along the road,
Where the faint-hearted never tread.

God is always there for you to care for you especially during your most troubled days. Trust in him and let him carry you.
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