Surrender to God

God has really been kind to me. At times I don’t see the changes happening around me or feel God’s warmth. But when I pray very hard, and when I try hard to observe what’s happening in my life, usually after a few days I see God’s work around me.  He touches my life in little ways and if I look back at the big picture, I see that God has put so many people in my life to enrich my life in ways beyond my imagination.

I believe that things happen for a reason, which is all part of God’s plan.  One time, I was upset that the person I was meeting couldn’t show up and she sent a backup person to meet me instead.  When that happened, I was upset that things didn’t happen as I had planned because I had really looked forward to meeting that person.  But then 3 years later, I learnt that the backup person becomes an important part of my life – a life saver.  I never really kept in touch with him but he came back into my life and now I feel so blessed to have met him. If I had known that this person becomes a true Samaritan later in my life, I would not have been upset that the person I was meant to meet didn’t show up.

Having given the above example, now imagine the entire network of people you know and meet everyday.  There is a reason why God puts these people in your lives – either for you to enrich their lives or they will touch your life in ways you can never imagine.  Have some faith and sooner or later you will come to realise the spider web of different paths that God has planned for you and I.  It is so enormous and beyond anything that a human brain can possibly put together.

My message is to surrender to God.  Do not try to control your own life. Do not try to resist what comes naturally – for example, go to the events your friends/colleagues keep inviting you to attend even if you don’t feel like going because good things may come out of it.  You may not reap the rewards now but have some patience and you will see the benefits in time. Be positive. Have courage to accept how things work out for you and you will be surprised what happens next.

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