11 March Japan earthquake & tsunami

I was in Japan on Friday 11 March when the 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit the east coast of Japan.  Fortunately, I was in Tokyo, which is over 250km away from the epicenter but the earthquake was still so strong that I couldn’t stand properly without holding onto the walls.  The buildings in Tokyo shook for over 30 minutes and a number of bridges and pedestrian walkways crumbled to the ground.  The earthquake and the subsequent aftershocks and tsunami and radiation scares have been really frightening.

Japan’s earthquake and tsunami survivors are in much need of the world’s support.  Therefore, I would like to help promote the #Blog4Japan initiative that was started by Todd’s Wanderings.

The hope is that blogging about Japan will bring more attention to the recovery effort and encourage much-needed funds to the region.

How to help

If you are interested in donating to a reputable charity, click on this site.

To learn more about #Blog4Japan and how you can participate, visit Todd’s Wanderings.

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2 Responses to 11 March Japan earthquake & tsunami

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  2. angrygaijin says:

    The Red Cross is also good, if I can recommend. ^^

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