The Perfect Cross

I was told this story when I was a child and it has been really inspirational so I wanted to share it on by blog. I was surprised that I couldn’t find it by simply Googling it, so maybe it isn’t so well known. I hope that you will remember it when you feel heavy burdened…


The Perfect Cross

A man was heavy-burdened, his cross he could not bear. And so he went to see the Lord, knowing He was fair. And he was taken to a room, with many crosses there. And God told him to simply choose a different one to bear. So carefully he looked at them, inspecting every one. And though it was quite difficult, at last his job was done. With heavy crosses everywhere, he saw against the wall a cross that seemed quite perfect, because it was so small.  He thought this cross was suitable, quite certain it would be a cross that he could bear each day, and do so willingly. But God was quietly amused; the man had searched for naught. For He saw the cross the man had picked was the very one he brought.


This story tells me that God does not give us crosses that we cannot bear. So when we come across difficult situations, God has already planned it for us and He knows that we are very capable of doing it.  This is very reassuring/comforting to know. We shouldn’t lose confidence in ourselves especially when God has not lost confidence in us.

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