You may have already read in my other posts in this blog that I am not exactly an assertive person. I dislike conflict and confrontation.  But that has been something that I have been working on because I do not want to go through life avoiding situations and being unhappy for not speaking up for myself.

Today, I did something that my old me would not have done. I faced a conflict head on and was able to express my dissatisfaction at a company’s lack of service.  In fact, not only did I tell the company that I was not happy with their lack of service, I told them that I will discontinue using their services from today.  They just said okay, and then I said thanks and that was it! Easy!

After saying that, I felt so empowered. I was so proud of myself for expressing myself in a calm yet still polite manner. This is really big for me! I recognize that if I don’t tell people that I am not happy, they will step all over me because they don’t know where my line is. I have to try to draw that line in every relationship I have.

I gave a pat on the back to myself for a big step towards the right direction 😛 lol

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2 Responses to Assertiveness

  1. sucabbie says:

    I’m giving you a pat on the back as well! In fact, I can relate to your problems. I am physically unable to confront other people. And not only my superiors, or people I don’t know, or people that I know dislike me, but even my friends. I can only have rows on phone, because I turn so red and I start trembling so badly and I feel so dizzy that don’t think I could make it otherwise. And after that, I agonize as I remember every detail of it and I can’t focus on anything else for another hour. It’s crazy, because as a kid I was the first one to fight with the mean girls at school, the first one to tell everyone what I think of them, and now – it’s like I can’t be honest with my best friends.
    You’re so right and brave to work on your assertiveness! One has to stand for himself, because after some point no one else will. Good luck!

    • ACW says:

      I totally agonize over every detail of events too for quite a few hours…..its the anxiety I feel and cuz I care so much about what other people think of me. I annoy my friends and family cuz I end up calling them for support! We should encourage each other to be more assertive – we can do it!! We need to tell people what we think, how we feel and then walk away 🙂 Good luck!

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