If you were a flower, I am water for you

Today, I watched a foreign film and one of the lines in the movie was, “If you were a flower, I am water for you.” Lol

I laughed when I read this pop up in the subtitles. It is so corny but I’m a sucker for romance! It reminds me of other famous lines like, “You had me at hello” from Jerry McQuire. I think it was a great line!

I remember after we watched the Matrix, my husband (then boyfriend) called me his “Neo” (funny face) but despite it being corny it was very sweet. For those who haven’t seen the Matrix before, “Neo” means “the one”.

So to all you men out there who want to say something sweet to your other half but don’t know how – my advice is that as long as what you say is from the heart, it doesn’t matter what the line is, corny or not, it will be worthwhile saying it. No promises, but chances are it will be well received! 🙂

Don’t forget to let me know how you go. What are some lines you’ve used or heard of before? Do share 🙂

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