Some people just need to ‘chill’

I know many people who are so wound up that they get caught up in the insignificant things in life. You may not think you are one of these people, but read on and perhaps you may realize you’re in denial. These people would easily get anxious, worried or annoyed at something that, in the bigger picture, really doesn’t matter.  You can call it “OCPD” (obsessive compulsive personality disorder), “OCD” (obsessive compulsive disorder), anal retentiveness or anything else you like.

I’m talking about people who are perfectionists to the extent that it interferes with his/her well-being and social functioning. This type of person is rigid or inflexible, and therefore often likes to follow rules and regulations.

I don’t have a problem with people who are like this as long as they don’t overstep the line.  In fact, it is the same for other things like a person’s opinions or beliefs – I respect that they have that opinion or belief but if I am of the contrary view, I don’t appreciate that they try to persuade me to have the same opinion or convert me to the same faith. That is overstepping the line.

I am writing this post because (you guessed it!) someone has stepped over my line and I think they need to ‘chill’. Here’s some of the attitudes adopted by these people:

(1) Don’t eat raw food like oysters or sushi because of fear of bacteria. My advice is – ‘chill out and enjoy life’ because eating oysters or sushi, unless you are allergic, will not kill you! At worst, you might get food poisoning but what is life without living it to the fullest – it would be an experience. I have had food poisoning/gastritis/stomach bug many times and I’m still alive and well.

(2) Refuses to drink tap water (as opposed to filtered watered or boiled water) or use tap water to wash fruit and vegetables. I’m talking about first world countries so I think that is insane! I agree that in some countries tap water is not drinkable but you won’t die washing your apple under the tap! If anything, a little dirt is good for the body!

(3) Making a big deal out of a small thing. Organizing an event with only a few invitees is an easy task but don’t make it complicated with the times and the places to meet up, the transport to get there, the minute details etc etc And then changing the times/dates again and again because of unexpected disturbances like a little bit of rain. Going out in rain is not a biggie.

Ask yourself if you one of these people? Try not to ‘sweat the small stuff’ and just look at the bigger picture. Perhaps read my blog titled “How to be a “glass half full” person –

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