Faith & Prayer

Yesterday during Sunday mass, I learnt that if my prayer IS NOT answered, it does not mean that I have little faith. And if my prayer IS answered, it does not mean that I have great faith.

Rather, if my prayer is not answered and I continue to pray to God and trust that he always knows best for me, then that is faith. Faith is not believing that God ‘can’ but knowing that he ‘will’. He will always provide for us although it may not always be in the shape or form or within the time-frame that we had intended.

I have always wanted to know how to pray effectively. I prayed to God to teach me how to pray. If I didn’t know how to say what I wanted to pray for, I would just say the “Our Father” and “Hail Mary” with my intentions in my heart.

I recently learnt that we shouldn’t ask God to answer our prayer because of our credit/good deeds. Eg. Dear God, please give me good grades because I deserve it this year as I have studied very hard. Our prayers also should not be of selfish intentions, for example, wanting someone to stop doing something that annoys you.

Instead, we should ask God to answer our prayer even if we are undeserving of it because he is a merciful and loving God.  Ask him not to look upon our sins but on our faith in him. We should repent our sins and thank God for the many blessings he showers upon us.

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