Learning a language

Learning a language takes a lot of patience, self-motivation and determination.  I always aim high – I mean, why start something if you don’t intend to excel in it? What I mean is that if you want to learn a language enough to just get by as a tourist, then you should aim at perfecting the language to a high degree for that purpose. That means you need to master the accent well and have full confidence when using the language.  Don’t just settle with learning a few basic sentences and stop there because that won’t get you very far.

As for me, I want to master a new language to native level or as close to native level proficiency. I have spent many years studying Japanese, but don’t seem to ever quite get to native level. At one stage, I was able to say everything that I wanted to say on a conversational level. But I stopped practicing my speaking and then got rusty and never improved beyond that point.

I am now going to start brushing it up again and hopefully can get back to the level I was before. It will take a lot of motivation, but it will be worth it! GAMBATTE!! For all of you out there who are learning a new language, let’s try to encourage each other.

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  1. angrygaijin says:

    Can you read this?

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