Accepting change

One of the really hard things in life is accepting change that happens to us. It can be good change or bad change, but in any case, it is nevertheless a continuous battle.  No matter how adaptable we may be, change is change.  It is something new that we are not used to or did not expect. That is why it is difficult at times to accept change or adjust to it initially.

Here are some examples:

Toddler – geting frustrated after falling a few times from the walking position, growing new teeth, learning new words etc
Young children – going to school for the first time and meeting new friends, moving to a new school or a new city etc
Teenager/Adolescence – adjusting to changes in the body, preparing for adulthood, braces, moving away from home etc
Young adult – starting work, moving in with a lover, getting married, having children, changing jobs, promotions etc
Middle aged – Midlife crisis, menopause, divorce, changing jobs, promotions, retirement etc
Old age – adjusting to body’s aging process, accepting hearing loss and loss of movement in limbs etc

Some changes of course are not necessarily related to age. It may be a loss of a loved one, a change in environment due to natural disasters or loss of money due to an economic crisis. All changes are difficult to grapple with and you are not alone. We need to learn to stop fighting change but to embrace it. Until then, we are fighting a losing battle.

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3 Responses to Accepting change

  1. you’re right. and i’ll admit that i’m scared of change because i’m not a very adaptable person. anyways thanks for a stimulating post!

    • ACW says:

      Things don’t always go according to plan….especially if we like to be in control of our own lives….so by letting go of control, we are able to embrace change. Good luck and all the best 🙂

  2. sucabbie says:

    So true. I for one have a tradition of grasping what’s old and familiar and pushing any kind of change away with all my limbs. And honestly, why are we so afraind of it? Life if lead by the same routine every day isn’t worth it, now, is it?

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