Could it be…..drugs?

I have never ever met anyone in my life who was high on drugs. I have seen plenty of movies about substance abuse and seen advertisements on TV warning people not to take drugs but I had never given it too much thought….until today. I mean, I barely even drink alcohol or go out partying at all. I don’t even wear sleeveless shirts or short skirts! I guess you can say, I’m not very daring. So drugs is the last thing on my mind!

But what happened today really shocked me. I feel disturbed. I sat across a table from a person whom I was having a meal with who was clearly not focussed. Let’s not go into the details of how I came into such company….its a long story….but I’d like to make it clear that I don’t really know this person well. I had briefly spoken to this person in the past many years ago and he had seemed normal then. Very nice guy!

Today, he looked fatigued/sleepy. He slurred his speech and his conversations were neither here nor there. Disengaged. He blinked a lot and at times consecutively in a row very quickly as if he was trying to wake himself up. He seemed really ‘out of it’ or ‘spaced out’. Numerous times during the meal he would, for a split second, look like he had in fact fallen asleep. Then he would widen his eyes, shake his head slightly, and then kinda spruce himself up again. He looked like he had watery eyes (like almost crying) and I even thought to myself that maybe he was feeling really emotional….that or just tired.

At first I didn’t think anything of it other than him being tired so I told him he looked tired. But later I realized that wasn’t really the problem. I couldn’t quite work out what was abnormal about him until maybe half an hour into the meal. Surely those are signs of substance abuse right?

I can’t be 100% sure it’s drugs but that’s my guess because I had heard rumors from people that he used to be involved with the wrong crowd at college and got himself in all sorts of mess. But later I heard he had sobered up and was back on track again. I didn’t remember these rumors until today when I saw him again.

Anyway, seeing him like that scared me. I mean, he seemed really nice and all but also unpredictable. I didn’t feel comfortable hanging out with him for too long. So after the meal we said goodbye and went our own ways.

But…..I can’t stop worrying about him. Did I do the right thing to protect myself? Was there anything I could have done to help him? What could I have said? I mean, I didn’t want to broach such a sensitive topic. It would have been embarrassing and not to mention awkward if he denied he took drugs. Or worse, what if he became aggressive? Though I can’t imagine him being violent. If he was taking drugs, he would seem like the type that would justify to himself “I know I’m harming my own body but i’m not hurting anyone else”…..

After I came home, I worried whether he would have gotten lost on the streets or fell asleep on the side of the road. I prayed for him – that’s the least I can do. Well, for all I know, I might be making this a big deal and he is fine, but I still can’t stop being anxious over him. I hope he’s okay wherever he is. God please look after him and keep him safe.

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