My weird dream last night

I had the weirdest dream last night……

I dreamt that I was meeting a friend at a museum and just as we were going inside, we saw a huge tsunami coming our way from 20kms away! The sound was incredible and it was crashing down the tall buildings in the city center and was travelling at an immense speed!

All I can remember in my dream is that I ran and ran and ran….and kept running. The next thing I knew, the waves reached us and we got swept away!! It didn’t wash me very far but I lost my friend. I called out to him many times but I couldn’t see anyone around me. Then somehow, a train which was running through the museum (this doesn’t really make much sense, but its a dream afterall) stopped and I quickly got in just as the doors closed.  It seemed as though this was a good idea at the time in case there were more waves…. I had no idea where the train was headed but I panicked when I heard the announcement that the next stop was the city center. This also doesn’t make sense because it seems unrealistic that there are no stops for 20kms.

Anyway, as soon as I disembarked the train, I called my mother who was safe at home 30kms away from the city center. This is unrealistic because presumably after a natural disaster all phone lines are down or heavily congested. Mom was extremely worried about me and told me to catch a cab home asap.

By now, I was acting hysterical. Then I don’t remember anymore of my dream and I woke up.

I think I have post traumatic stress?

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