We are all guilty of being judgemental at some point in time in our lives.  I have made an observation and formed the opinion that some people look down on others whom they perceive to have lower social economic status than themselves. I am of course speaking very generally. They would judge those people negatively or have unreasonably high expectations of them.  Perhaps it is some kind of power struggle, you know, stepping on others to elevate yourself. I think it is very much a subconscious behavior.

For example, treating people in the service industry without due respect (sales staff, waiters, bell boys, receptionists, cleaners, concierge, chauffeur, security guards, stewardess..etc).  I recently read online that a family who employed a domestic helper treated their dog better than their helper! Apparently, they would buy very expensive food and even clothes for their puppy and have a huge play area for the puppy but their domestic helper would only get to get the leftover scraps after the family has eaten their dinner.

I think such behavior is totally unacceptable.

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One Response to Judgements

  1. Dogs says:

    You bring up some points, I’ve often brought up myself.

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