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Being a mum

Ok so I’ve thought a lot about becoming a mum. I think I would make a great mum. I love kids so much! I have babysat many times before so I’m not worried about the crying, changing nappies or the … Continue reading

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I have always been a submissive type of person. It’s not that I don’t have confidence, but I believe in respecting elders and those of a more senior position than myself. However, over the years I have changed my ways. … Continue reading

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I just wanted to take some time out to say how much I appreciate those people who are in jobs that are very emotional. Jobs that require them to show empathy to others. Those that require them to stay balanced … Continue reading

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Values – personal reflection

In the last year or two, I have been working hard to get to know myself better. It never occurred to me before then that I really didn’t know myself well, because I had never made the effort. I mean, … Continue reading

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Rejected from God’s house

Yesterday, I was a little bit late to church and I noticed that the doors were closed. I am rarely late so I didn’t really expect that I could be asked to leave! As it turns out, the church was … Continue reading

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End of the world

You may remember that I wrote an article about doomsday earlier! In fact it was suppose to be the end of the world on Monday 26 September 2011!!! Remember???!?!? And comet Elenin was suppose to hit earth and we were … Continue reading

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