End of the world

You may remember that I wrote an article about doomsday earlier! In fact it was suppose to be the end of the world on Monday 26 September 2011!!! Remember???!?!? And comet Elenin was suppose to hit earth and we were all to die!

Well that day is over, and we’re still here! Right? What a load of bollocks! I can’t believe some people actually fell for it! If we are one with God, we won’t run aster and believe in things outside of God’s plans. Remember, God told us that we won’t know the day or the hour so why even bother to guess or work it out right? We must have faith in God and his plans for us.

I plead to everyone that we mustn’t believe in such things! Pray only for our sins and those of the whole world. Pray for those who have been lead astray. Pray for world peace.

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