Rejected from God’s house

Yesterday, I was a little bit late to church and I noticed that the doors were closed. I am rarely late so I didn’t really expect that I could be asked to leave! As it turns out, the church was fully packed and a lady at the door asked me to come back later to attend a mass later that afternoon.

I have never been asked to leave God’s house before. Well actually, I was denied access to enter upon a piece of land where the church was built once – but that was in China so the situation is a bit different. Anyway, this time, the feeling of being asked to leave God’s home made me feel rejected. If God was there, I could imagine him say – “let my children come near. Do not ask them to leave”.

Of course it was my fault for being late to church but I would not have got in if it wasn’t for a lady in front of me who was very adamant that she could go through the doors. She just barged right past the lady at the front and ignored her pleas to leave as the mass had started. Since she was allowed in, I asked why I couldn’t go in either. So then the lady said I could go in too.

Never have I felt like it was such a privilege to join the rest of the congregation in the mass and the songs. It is so nice to be part of God’s family and I should feel grateful that I have such opportunity.

Praise God! ~~

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2 Responses to Rejected from God’s house

  1. So could you not get in because you were late or because the church had reached the amount allowed *fire code*? Cause if you were late and that is the only reason why you could not get in, that is silly. There are plenty of people that want to hear God’s word even if they did come in 5 minutes late. If it was because they had reached their maximum capcity based on city rules, then the woman was correct in not allowing you to go in, but maybe needed it to be a little more clear.

    • ACW says:

      That is a good question. It was not clear to me at first why she wouldn’t let me in. My first thought was that I had never experienced this before and how strange it was not to be allowed in God’s house. But after I went inside, I realized that there were lots of people and suspected that there may have been a reason why, like you suggested, maybe city rules or fire code etc

      In hindsight, I feel like God was telling me three things: (1) don’t be late next time LOL (2) how lucky I am to be part of God’s family and have the opportunity to attend mass (3) always have enough oil for the lamps, as the doors may be closed before I arrive and i won’t be let inside (see story of the ten girls – Matthew 25:1-13).

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