I just wanted to take some time out to say how much I appreciate those people who are in jobs that are very emotional. Jobs that require them to show empathy to others. Those that require them to stay balanced emotionally because if they fall apart, they are not able to do their jobs properly.

These are people like doctors and nurses – they need to stay emotionally sane if someone passes away, because if they break into tears, it will be even harder for the friends and families of the deceased. They show so much empathy but they are still human. They may still cry when they have a moment to themselves when they get home or in bed ready to fall asleep.

But I only just realized that there are many other occupations that are very emotional.  Jobs like immigration officers who have to help citizens during tough times, such as traveling overseas to bring back a corpse and comforting the family members. Or traveling to a country where a natural disaster has just occurred to help distressed people and bring citizens home.

Thank you God for such people in this world. They make it a better place.

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