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So disappointed

Have been having arguments with my husband.  Hence why we didn’t celebrate my birthday this year. When it came time to his birthday, I told him I’m taking him to an amusement park (we have never been there before) so … Continue reading

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I just wanted to take some time out to say how much I appreciate those people who are in jobs that are very emotional. Jobs that require them to show empathy to others. Those that require them to stay balanced … Continue reading

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Inspiration >> Miracles

Every Sunday, when I go to church, I get inspiration for a new post for this blog. But when I come home, that inspiration is gone. I think it is something to do with the holiness of being inside a … Continue reading

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Random Observations

(1) Observation #1 Some people (not talking about celebrities) have such beautiful hair! Do they spend a lot of money going to hair salons? How do they maintain such beautiful waves or well nourished healthy ends? When I come out … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irene

I have been through a few natural disasters – floods, earthquakes, (tsunami scares and radiation scares) and typhoons……..but never a hurricane. But when I hear of warnings about natural disasters, my heart beats a second faster. I am thinking of … Continue reading

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When I hear the word “mother-in-law” I shudder.  Unfortunately, I haven’t heard many positive stories of daughter-in-laws having a great relationship with their mother-in-laws! Why is that? Well for me, my mil makes a lot of assumptions (on my behalf) … Continue reading

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Speaking up for myself

Today, once again I am disappointed in myself.  I didn’t speak up for myself and I am all to blame. I have to be hard on myself, otherwise I won’t learn from my mistakes. I need to be more assertive. … Continue reading

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