Rejected from God’s house

Yesterday, I was a little bit late to church and I noticed that the doors were closed. I am rarely late so I didn’t really expect that I could be asked to leave! As it turns out, the church was fully packed and a lady at the door asked me to come back later to attend a mass later that afternoon.

I have never been asked to leave God’s house before. Well actually, I was denied access to enter upon a piece of land where the church was built once – but that was in China so the situation is a bit different. Anyway, this time, the feeling of being asked to leave God’s home made me feel rejected. If God was there, I could imagine him say – “let my children come near. Do not ask them to leave”.

Of course it was my fault for being late to church but I would not have got in if it wasn’t for a lady in front of me who was very adamant that she could go through the doors. She just barged right past the lady at the front and ignored her pleas to leave as the mass had started. Since she was allowed in, I asked why I couldn’t go in either. So then the lady said I could go in too.

Never have I felt like it was such a privilege to join the rest of the congregation in the mass and the songs. It is so nice to be part of God’s family and I should feel grateful that I have such opportunity.

Praise God! ~~

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End of the world

You may remember that I wrote an article about doomsday earlier! In fact it was suppose to be the end of the world on Monday 26 September 2011!!! Remember???!?!? And comet Elenin was suppose to hit earth and we were all to die!

Well that day is over, and we’re still here! Right? What a load of bollocks! I can’t believe some people actually fell for it! If we are one with God, we won’t run aster and believe in things outside of God’s plans. Remember, God told us that we won’t know the day or the hour so why even bother to guess or work it out right? We must have faith in God and his plans for us.

I plead to everyone that we mustn’t believe in such things! Pray only for our sins and those of the whole world. Pray for those who have been lead astray. Pray for world peace.

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Inspiration >> Miracles

Every Sunday, when I go to church, I get inspiration for a new post for this blog. But when I come home, that inspiration is gone. I think it is something to do with the holiness of being inside a church – God’s presence – that gives me the urge to share something with everyone.

So the Sunday that just past, I made an extra effort to collect my inspiration and remember it so that I can blog about it.  And here it is – “miracles”.

For those of us who don’t believe in miracles – look around you. When I say miracles, I don’t mean the changing of water into wine, or parting of the sea or walking on water. I am talking about miracles in our daily lives that to many people who don’t think twice, just take for granted.

I’m talking about miracles such as having a friend turn up to your doorstep when you are down, or giving birth to a new born baby, or seeing the clouds in the sky, or someone giving you a smile.  So many miracles happen each day to everyone but you need silence in your hearts to be able to see them. If you write down on a piece of paper each miracle that happens to you each day, you will realise that God is always by your side.

At first, you may start off with a blank page….you may not see it…..then you may see one or two miracles….but even then it is hard to identify. Over time, you will see it so often that there is no need to write it down anymore. Otherwise you would be so busy you didn’t have time for anything else! Miracles aren’t necessarily wrapped up nicely like a gift and presented to you in colourful wrapping paper. Miracles can be bad things that happen to you but afterwards in hindsight you realise that it is in fact good for you. For example, you may be running late for work for a very important meeting and you spill coffee all over your freshly pressed shirt – but because you arrived late at your workplace, you survived 9/11.

Another example may be that you experienced a break-up with your girlfriend or boyfriend and you were devastated but your devastation gave reason for another friend to comfort you and thereby you end up gaining a good lifelong friend.

Take some time to think about your day and what miracles that may have happened in your day. There are no coincidences in life, only plans that God has made for us because he loves us so much!

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I have been working very hard lately….lots of late nights and early mornings! For some strange reason I’ve started feeling really nervous. And I often feel like going to the bathroom but I actually don’t need to. This feeling comes and goes. But when it comes, it lasts a few hours and is very distracting and uncomfortable. I am not sure what’s happening to my body, but when I am able to relax I am fine again.

Nerves and butterflies in the tummy are just very common feelings. But when it becomes out of control – it is worrying!! I just wish it would go away……

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Random Observations

(1) Observation #1

Some people (not talking about celebrities) have such beautiful hair! Do they spend a lot of money going to hair salons? How do they maintain such beautiful waves or well nourished healthy ends? When I come out of the hair dressers, they always blow dry my hair or set it so beautifully but I can never replicate it when I get home. I’m also not the type of girl who spends hours in front of the mirror every morning.

(2) Observation #2

There are so many people roaming the streets, in restaurants, cafes and bars, during the day on week days. Don’t they need to work? They are very young probably in their late 20’s or 30’s men and women alike….What do these people do and how do they find time? Surely they aren’t all teachers with 14 week holidays or businessmen and women who are able to control their own work hours!

(3) Observation #3

When I eat out, I see a lot of couples dining together. BUT they are both on their iphones, blackberries or ipads etc People nowadays just can’t get away from technology that they just miss out on valuable quality time with their friends and loved ones. My view is that if you are face-to-face having a meal with someone, then lay off the e-devices and have some normal face-to-face conversations 🙂

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Just a quick note to let you all know that I will be blogging less in the coming weeks as I will be travelling and won’t have as much time to blog.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Rather than quantity, I’ll focus on good quality blogs. Please don’t give up on me – I’ll still be around!

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Angels from heaven

Today, my friend Esther answered a phone call while we were having lunch together. As I listened to the phone call, I gathered that she was speaking with an elderly couple who seemed to be in trouble.

She later told me that she has known this elderly couple for over 20 years. They don’t have any children and very few friends.  Mr and Mrs Smith live alone in a small apartment which belongs to a government housing estate. Mrs Smith has been battling with cancer for the last 2 years and in the past few months, her health has taken a turn for the worse.  As Mr Smith is frail himself, Esther took Mrs Smith to the hospital for her scheduled appointment.

The phone call Esther received was from Mr Smith with a difficult request.  He asked if Esther would mind coming to their home……but before he could finish his request, Esther had already agreed. She told him that she knew what was on his mind and that she had already spoken with her employer to let her rearrange her schedule so that she had two free days to take care of them. She told him that she would visit them twice a week and not only buy them their weekly requirements (groceries and other household necessities) but also cook and clean for them.

Mr Smith was so touched by her offer to help, he broke into tears.  He has always been the provider of their family of two but as his body is starting to fail him, he has had to come to terms with his age and learn to ask for help. This has been a difficult process for him.

As for Mrs Smith, she also cried as she spoke with Esther on the phone. She told Esther that her greatest worry isn’t her impending death but her husband being left alone in this world. Esther was her source of comfort. In fact, she was their angel from heaven.

Today I learnt that it is hard to help others but *harder* to receive help from others.  I also learnt that you don’t have to look up to heaven to see an angel.  They aren’t those transparent holy beings dressed in white robes with widespread wings. God sends angels into our lives everyday in different shapes and forms. They are our friends, acquaintances and neighbors…..we need to learn to recognize who they are and thank God for sending them to be part of our lives.

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