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When I hear the word “mother-in-law” I shudder.  Unfortunately, I haven’t heard many positive stories of daughter-in-laws having a great relationship with their mother-in-laws! Why is that? Well for me, my mil makes a lot of assumptions (on my behalf) … Continue reading

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How to be a “glass is half full” person

I have always been a glass half full kind of person.  I’m not sure where I get my optimism and enthusiasm for life.  Some realists may say that this way of thinking is not being true to oneself but I … Continue reading

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What to buy for people who have everything!

A particular member of my immediate family has everything under the sun – she and her husband have well paying jobs.  They love big brands and are willing to spend money travelling overseas just to eat a meal at a … Continue reading

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“Who are you?” my dad asked me

Today, I saw my dad for the second time since not speaking to each other a year and a half ago. He seems to have aged a little – slimmer than I remember he once was and his movements slower … Continue reading

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